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Cheap Giftcards 123

Discount Amazon-iTunes-Google-Razer-Home Depot

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Selling Giftcards at upto 65% discount.

Available giftcards:

Amazon - iTunes - Google Play - Razer Gold - Home Depot - Walmart - Saks - Nordstrom

Available countries:

USA - Canada - Europe + UK - Vietnam - Thailand - Japan - Saudi Arabia

ICQ: @662630312
Skype- https://join.skype.com/invite/cEEHtIQZcaLj

Skype username- Cheap Giftcards123
Email- cheapgiftcards123@gmail.com
Whatsapp: ‪+13235405595‬


Amazon/Razer/iTunes/Google Play = $2000

Amazon/Razer/iTunes/Google Play = $3000

Amazon/Razer/iTunes/Google Play = $4000

Amazon/Razer/iTunes/Google Play = $6000

Escrow is possible - What is Escrow?
Escrow means a middleman service will hold your payment until you use all the giftcards successfully, after you redeem all the giftcards, the escrow will send the payment to me after you approve.
If there is a giftcard code that doesn't work, I will replace this immediately for free.
If there is a different issue, the escrow will send you payment back to you until we can resolve that issue.
Escrow options:
My customers usually use
an escrow which offers a 90 day holding of your payment meaning you can test the giftcardcodes for 90 days before releasing payment.
Payment Methods:
bank transfer is available for large orders 10K+
Where to buy bitcoin?

Arabic Customers

Vietnam Customers:


Thailand Customers:


USA Customers:


Europe Customers:






the biggest vouch ever for you!

just finished loading up your 100K PACK
LINK FOR PIC: https://i.servimg.com/u/f58/19/44/84/19/screen11.png
Thanks a million!



Escrow done, waiting for goods to be delivered. Waiting for an update.

Seller is very communicative and supportive. Looking forward to order more things.

thank you for the extra service and delivering the goods for me, great seller!
can I make a new escrow for the second part of my order? again for $1000


Great seller as always thanks amzstock.

Major Vouch!
Hope u find a lot of buyers.

Good seller
I buy $2000 thanks!

fast seller!!!! :lol:


good seller

fast transaction ++++++

Just redeemed the code working perfectly!



I redeemed my amazon giftcard aswell



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I bought 5000 USD of Amazon giftcards.
All of them were physical scans with AQ code and receipts.

Loaded them over the course of a week and all of them were used without any issue.

5 star service!

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Probably every user is familiar with this seller

I know him for a long time, for 2 years we collaborated

Gifs are sent on time,% competitive! I have never received a refusal to cooperate, does any amount 💪 I think the branch will find a lot of feedbacks since hundreds of people at least once worked with a person!

I wish you good luck and we will work!

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Worked with him, everything is clear. Paid to escrow, received a gift card in half an hour, everything is according the conditions.

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Top seller Gift Card. Always online, the price is really cheap, the speed is more than the Pentagon server. I highly recommend cooperation with him.

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about a year ago a friend gave me this contact, since then
This seller is almost always in touch, works as quickly as possible. Strongly recommend to work with him.

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